Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gold Standard


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    1. Hello Gheryon,

      It's Kate Moss from the cover of Pop magazine, there's a link to the original cover images below.


  2. That is a great pic isn't it? I capped it myself a few weeks ago (yours is better).

    Talking of which, any advice for a fellow girl in drumming up followers for my own caption blog? I've been captioning for years (far too many years) but I've only recently set up my own site. Any advice would be gratefully received :) xxx

    1. Hello Misty,

      I've been quite busy at work so I've not had the chance to fully browse your blog at http://mistysteelestgcaptions.blogspot.co.uk. I really like the look of your captions and I'll have a read through them more thoroughly when I've got more leisure time, I especially like the look of those trading cards :) xxx

      When I was starting out two sites that helped my blog to gain exposure were:



      Rachel's Haven keeps a list of blog links for all of its members who are fellow caption creators and you can ask World of TG to include you in their list of TG caption blogs. The bulk of my visitors come from links from that site.

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments, Samantha. I have quite a few more trading cards to upload, I'll prioritise them given you like the look of them! They're a lot of fun to create, I've just really lost track of my numbering! (I guess its the content of the cap that matters)

    Thanks for your advice re Rachel's Haven and World of TV as well

    Love Misty xx