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I'm A Celebrity - Part 5 - Celebrity Lookalikes


In Part 4, as part of her plan to free transgender heiress Kirsty Camelot our heroine infiltrated Castle Camelot the home of Kirsty's father, Sir Lancelot and with the aid of a particularly potent piece of cum candy transformed Sir Lancelot into a bimboesque Cumpa Dumpa, but the plot continues...

Coming and Going

Saturday, 24 June 2017

I'm A Celebrity - Part 4 - The Nights of Camelot


In Part 3, our heroine got a job at one of the PoleCat Clubs to get her hands on some bottles of Cumpa Cola, from her secret messages with imprisoned transgender celebrity Kirtsy Camelot these would be vital for the heiress's escape plan...