Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Super Sissy - D.S.A.


Subject 13, the 'Pro-to-type' Super Sissy has been created by Dr. Kassandra Kastrati but for what reason and will she be stopped by time travelling male supremacist Clint Mansun, who's seeking to prevent a female dominated future?

The Enthusiast

Oh hello, I didn't see you there.  You might have noticed I've not posted in a looong time but I'm back now and I've got a lot more stuff to put out.

I'll be finishing off the 'Rise of the Super Sissies' storyline but there's a lot more to come after that.  I've restored the hardcore start of the series 'Remebrance of Things Past' which decided to become corrupt while I was away.  A few old favourites will be making a comeback and I hope you'll find some new favourites too.