Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sweet Tooth - Cumslut In Disguise


It's been a busy January for me and despite my New Year's doubts about whether I could keep it up its been my most prolific month for panels posted with several multi-panel stories being created.  I will now be taking a break for February as I've surprisingly still got a lot ideas for captions but need some time to put them together.  I should be back posting regularly in March but there'll be some captions around Valentine's Day to fill some of the gap.

Thanks for following the blog both old and new followers, I've now got enough of you for every day of the year.

So with all that said, thanks to the commenter who inspired this storyline after the end of the Chocolate Factory story, here's the final instalment of the 'Sweet Tooth' saga, which after some 'Measuring Up' and 'Book Learning' left our heroine a 'Cereal Winner' after she'd finally embraced her feminine nature.  Now the story concludes with her final transformation...

Touching Herself