Monday, 9 December 2013

Baked To Perfection


Here's a little follow up to 'Recipe For Success' that extols the virtues of home baking.


  1. Quite a recipe she as there ; I'll bet lots of Moms, Grandmas, and Aunts will be wanting to her recipe. What a way to change nasty boys and some men into sweet, well-behaved young ladies ! Everybody loves eating cookies. Is this new product offering from the test-kitchens of Mr. Slugworth or the Presto-Chango baking line ? Love the caption. More maybe ?

    1. Hi Ftygrl,

      I'm glad you appreciated this little cookie. I think I had an idea that this would be based on one of Monsieur Edouard's recipes. I used to make some cake based captions featuring Monsieur Edouard and his high class Parisian patisserie but I've not made any new ones in a few years. I've had some ideas about doing a crossover between Monsieur Edouard and the Slugworth's Sweets captions, so you might see some more cake based captions next year. Thanks for the comments.