Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Absence of Evidence


I hope before the end if this year I'll have posted all of captions related to unfinished or I expanded stories.  The longest loose end I've had is from the story that began with 'Conclusive Evidence' in 2012 and continued with this year's 'Evidence of Absence'.  Here's the concluding chapter.


  1. I apologize that it took so long for me to comment. I'm the same Anonymous commenter that asked you to continue the series in Conclusive Evidence. Thank you so much for finishing the series! I loved it! I thought the pace and story were very well done. Excellent job!

  2. Hello,

    No need to apologize about taking time to comment, it took me 14 months to finish the story. Thanks for the prompting, I'm glad you enjoyed the resolution. It was quite an odd one to finish as I did have a definite direction that I was going in when I wrote the first instalment and later it was a case of finding the clues I'd originally put in to get to the end of the story. Thank you.

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