Sunday, 13 October 2013

Evidence of Absence

This is a continuation if my Conclusive Evidence story from last year.  As it's coming up to the one year anniversary of the first part I thought it would be a good idea to write some more of it.  For those with short memories the hero of the original had undergone some mysterious and disturbing surgery in his sleep and had to contend with sceptical policemen and his own confused desires...


  1. a great follow up loved it

  2. Wonderful story.
    I haven't read the first part so will have to search your blog
    keep writing...I'll keep reading

  3. I found Conclusive evidence ..
    Great story.
    Can't wait till next year for the next chapter
    Unless u succumb to peer pressure and do it earlier

  4. I'm glad you all liked this instalment, although there might be a certain perverse pleasure in leaving it another twelve months before finishing the story I think I'll complete it a lot sooner than that, fingers crossed.

    Until was reminded about it, I'd completely forgotten where I was going with it before my break last year so I've had to work out whodunit and why all over again. I've got that sorted now so the final instalment should be coming sooner rather than later.