Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Champ

This one draws from the Never Surrender!, Ultimate Surrender captions on Smitty's blog, as well as the 'Nude Fight Club' sequences from 'Virtual Vacation', which I've enjoyed very much, so here's my little take on the concept.


  1. First off, thanks nod to my caps. I really like those universes and the only reason I don't do more of them, is that I want them to all be fresh and exciting, something you've done in spades here.

    It was a brilliant idea to have almost all of the series outside of the ring, allowing for more interesting images and real character building.

    And the names! Felicity "flick" Flickingham. Now that's a Smitty name of I ever heard one. And Krissy "I'm gonna fuck your ass raggedy" Perfect.

    And a Pulp Fiction reference leading to a Running Man reference? So perfect.

    And you captured the announcers voices perfectly a loud crass explosive pay off to all the steamy scene building, knowing her scene cut is never going to happen and that she's going to end up just like those other hardcore girls. Awesome.

  2. Thank you, you can never go wrong with a Running Man reference. When I saw the pictures I was struggling to find a scenario where she'd be preparing for a fight, then I thought of the 'Ultimate Surrender' caps and thought it would be a nice move to throw the character into that universe. I liked the idea of someone fighting to regain their masculinity but being determined to do it by sticking to ladylike feminine virtues.