Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Super Sissy - Domino White, Domino Black


  1. One thing I've always loved about your SSAT13 series is how you take relatively clean image and write them knee quiveringly explicit. It's easily one of my favorite TG universes as it mixes humor sexiness, squirm and intrigue seamlessly.

  2. These cosplay pictures make a great springboard for all sorts of naughty thoughts. The pictures are actually a lot tamer than the original 'Galhound' manga poster series that inspired the cosplay. For example, in the sequence where I have Natsumi covered in 'black semen', in the manga, the fluid the character is covered in is definitely not black. If they'd used white slime for the cosplay all my prayers would have been answered.

    I'm currently working on a new Super Sissy epic, and getting about an episode a day completed so it should be ready to post in the near future. I think I've said the first Super Sissy storyline was my most semen obsessed, this new one should easily beat it.