Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Wishes


It was about this time two years ago that I first came across TG  Caption sites.  One of the ones that intrigued and inspired me was Brenda Big Tits' site.  She's very inventive and her 'Femploy' series was a direct inspiration for my early 'Noo U' captions.  She also came up with the 'Christmas Wish Foundation' a unique charity whose services were employed solely for the benefit of its wealthy donors.  As there havent been any 'Christmas Wish Foundation' caps for some time I thought that there might be space for another similar organisation to start spreading Yuletide cheer.  So here's the first of my 'Christmas Wish Trust' captions (I hope no copyright is being infringed).


  1. Once again you have an awesome job my dear. Which reminds me I need to got Chistmass shopping. LoL kELLY

  2. Don't leave things too late. I'm glad you found this successful as the 'Christmas Wish' captions follow a slightly different structure from my other captions.

  3. A great story and a great pic! I love the twist at the end!