Sunday, 1 January 2017

TroubleGum - Part 9 - The Final Blow

Happy New Year!

Let there be an ending, at the beginning of the year.  Here's the last instalment of the TroubleGum epic.  I'm now going to have a very long lie down but you should see some new captions and stories coming out in February.

In the previous episode,'When Two Becum One’, Øleg Ølaf Ølav Sprødj, the world's most prolific sperm donor was recognised as having the true Essence of Man when his rival Dominic Power failed recognise Cumpa Cola in a the taste test and was transformed into testes tickling, cum crazed Cumpa Dumpa.  So, game over, time to switch off the cameras and go home, the winner has been crowned... not yet...

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