Sunday, 31 July 2016

Jolly Hockeysticks

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  1. I'll beg your pardon up front, M'tress de Savory. You did not leave this caption with a dangling... Conclusion of "...", however, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the "next page" of this story.

    "... It would come to pass that "pluses" were added to the girls during their anatomy examination, (which was carried-out in the Nurse's office, after school hours), when they had the object of their Biology/Alchemy experiment summoned from "her" exploits on the field to engage in other forms of extra-curricular athletics.

    It seems that Caitlyn and Megan were also initiates to a local coven so, they intended to present "Elle-Jae", (a "trans-f-her" student, formerly known as "Leonard James", or "L.J." to his team-mates on the ice of his former alma-mater), to the High Priestess of their order as proof that they were worthy of inclusion in the Sisterhood.

    Their "pluses" became evident when it was revealed that the two had also applied essential elements of the same transmogrifying alchemy they had applied to L.J.. Utilizing the cosmic energies & ejaculate of the man who was now Elle-Jae, in combination with the potion they had previously fed him, Caitlyn & Megan produced in - or, more accurately, ON - themselves the solution to dealing with both, P.M.S. and the usurped assumption of any male dominance over the female.

    For, as the two beautiful woman brought Elle-Jae's new, enclosed arena to its slick readiness, it was their own sticks which raised their skirts in preparation for a frenzied flurry of slap-shots into their experiment's goal!

    Elle-Jae, received several "F's" from both girls during their anatomy exam... Not to mention countless "O's", two of which happened to be Caitlyn's & Megan's eggs, shot snugly into Alexis' crease by the girl's new "monthly visitors" to be fertilized by the mother-to-be!

    Needless to say, the girls not only passed the class, but were also accepted into the sisterhood, where Elle-Jae has also been granted the status of Honorary Daughter and, eventually, surrogate mother to many of the coven's priestesses. ..."

    Too much, I know, M'tress de Savory! Perhaps more than "a next page", which I can only hope that you'll receive as the expression of how your caption inspired thoughts in my twisted mind.