Friday, 6 May 2016

Stick With the Program

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  1. Some believe there's no such thing as "coincidence"...especially "creatures" of human design that are hard-wired with difference -and deference - engines based on obedience, loyalty and the inherent need to fulfill their owner's whims! And, now that Ken's link to his former self has been severed by his sexpot's autonomic response to Jasmine's cue, his own memories of esoteric concepts like love, desire and devotion will have to be held in check as Kendra works tirelessly to assimilate her Mistress' likes and preferences into the appropriate posi-pathways to best-serve her new owner.

    Yes. Consequence-free hedonism will be Ken's lot, henceforth, since there is little-more expected of a lovely, animated sex-toy like her!
    +++ +++ +++

    Well, Mdme. DeSavory, you seem to have inspired the travel of some sort of thought-train with this, delicious, Piece!..