Friday, 1 April 2016

The Perils of Being Perdita


For the last few April Fool's Days I've done some mashup stories featuring characters from different long running caption series getting mixed up together.  This year it's going to be Perdita mashed up with... Perdita!  As all of the other 'Perils of Perdita stories have been told from the viewpoint of the men in her life, here's one with a little input from the lady herself and featuring some characters last seen in 'Perils of Perdita - Pole Position' and  'Perils of Perdita High Class'.

1 comment:

  1. Oh-my-word, Perdita! What a lovely pair of personal effigies you've created! And what an image their tales bring to mind as they work out how to best express their angst at having become euphemisms of your own, inner struggle! A struggle which might be shared thusly;

    "..."...fucking my frustrations out on 'myself'! One of 'me' with a raging need to plunge herself, balls-deep, into 'my' starving, salivating snatch! And the other 'me' urgently needing to gain control by luring the other's stiff appendage inside her 'vault' to lock-away any vestigial sense of self-determinism!
    "You're both so lucky; Getting to be 'me' AND take out your furious vengeance on 'me' at the same time! It would be nice to see you both come... to the realization that you're each only a part of me and that you'll have to keep using the other so you can be complete!" ..."

    And, of course, Perdita, I cannot sufficiently express what a wonder it would be to see this scene continue. I'd so LOVE to see these two 'yous' doing 'yourself' with mad abandon! Wouldn't you?!