Friday, 20 November 2015

Weekend Evaluation - Part 2


Last month saw the first part of 'Weekend Evaluation' where a court case was underway to determine if John Sommersby is actually man, with resident clinical expert Dr. Rosie providing her professional services; it's going to be a long weekend...


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    1. Thanks Ian,

      This one's been a long time coming but I'm glad I finally got to complete it.

  2. "...three hours! ..."
    (She did get some time alone and at the pool. Then there was the time she spent getting dolled-up for her therapy session.)

    What an amazing piece of work, M'tress de Savory! So much of your "pseudo-science" and "philosophical bullshit" do seem to rig true in the natures of many "manly men"! Fear of the unknown, especially that which lurks within, is surely what causes so much strife in ones spirit!

    An interesting accusation of the "injustice-system" as well! Quite funny in the reading, but too true when it relates to "professional witnesses" and "objective judgements".

    Incredible story, Samantha!