Thursday, 24 September 2015

Spiralling Down


  1. "Ah, that Slugworth ! " So sneaky with his cum-laced candies. Let's hope he doesn't start diversifying into other products, such as cosmetics. I can just see it , "Introducing Slugworth's new Lipsticks ; one taste and you're hooked, Available in Berry-Cherry, Lap-Lime, or our Mystery flavors ! ". More soon ?

    1. Hi Ftygrl,

      Thanks for the flavourful ideas! I've thought about diversifying some of the Slugworth products but I've always been in two minds about it, old Mr. Slugworth is set in his ways and might see it as diluting his brand image, as in the 'Sugar Substitute' story, but I'm sure the suggestion can be made to him and there could be a good tale to cum out of that, thank you!