Sunday, 11 January 2015

Everlasting Part 3: For Eva


Here's the conclusion to the story started in 'The Sugar Plum Fairy'.  In the previous instalment, 'Heart-Throb', students Ridge Dunlop and Evan Last were taking part in an unusual college psychology experiment.  In this final part we'll see how this leads them to end up in Arthur Slugworth's Chocolate Factory with a little crossover with the story of 'Lolly and the Chocolate Factory'.

I had intended to pause posting just after New Year but finishing the writing for 'Everlasting' took me longer than I'd expected (will it ever end?).  This will be my last caption story for January, I should be back some time in the middle of February with brand new stuff.


  1. That got deviously dark. I LOVED IT. Enjoy your break. <3

    1. Thanks for the appreciation,

      It was dark but sweet. I've had a nice break and I'm back posting semi-regularly now, I should be back to full steam by March. Thanks for reading.

    2. Who are these actresses?

    3. Hello,

      The blonde is Juliette Stray, the brunette is Amy Daly and the one with the blonde and red hair is Proxy Paige.