Friday, 27 June 2014

Trashy - Who Steals Trash?


Here's the twelfth and final chapter of 'Trashy'.  

Thanks to Ian and Fern for their enthusiasm about this tale.

Previously, Warren had thought that he was 'Taking Out The Trash' of his life as Wanda when he returned to his old home but there's more than one surprise waiting for him as he crosses the threshold.  Fortunately, his wife Julia is there to explain it all...


  1. I'm sad to see this series end, but I can't say I'm not satisfied by the conclusion. The book's ending came about after all, though not in the way I expected. I should have realized a single set of doubles would be too few for one of your stories!

    I really enjoyed the twists and turns over the course of this longer story. But your one-off captions are also very strong. I'm amazed that you're still coming up with new material after four years at it. I plan to keep commenting whenever they touch a nerve.

    Thanks for a great set of captions, and for the many others before it!

  2. Thanks a lot Fern,

    This was probably the longest single story that I've written, definitely in terms of word count. I'm glad you liked the conclusion and thanks for the appreciation.