Friday, 2 May 2014

Trashy - Spoiler Alert


Having found himself 'Losing The Plot' Warren decided to read the end of his wife's novel to find out how he could escape a life of being Wanda, but what had Julia plotted for his future?


  1. I'm right there with Warren/Wanda: this new info raises way more questions than it answers. Maybe the book isn't as reliable as Warren thinks? I'm still not sure if Julie had anything to do with Lexi's appearance. Or are there multiple Wandas and Warners? Very intriguing.

    The only thing I'm fairly sure of is that it won't be as easy as Warren thinks to get out of this mess.

    The title of this one reminds that I'm glad I'm reading the story serially, so I can't accidentally spoil the ending for myself. The sense of suspense really helps me empathize with Warren's plight.

    1. Hi Fern,

      Thanks for your continued appreciation. Could there be a 'real' Wanda? No one told Warren to call himself Wanda, he just assumed the name. All will be revealed in due course but maybe the lesson for Warren is not to believe everything that he reads.

      At least now he's got some money so he'll be able to contact his friends and get out of this mess. Hmmm, what was that about not believing everything you read...