Sunday, 24 November 2013

Freddie and the Chocolate Factor


Here's the final chapter in the 'Chocolate Factory' series, that started with the 'The Mercury Ticket' possession of which would provide entry into 'Arthur Slugworth's Chocolate Factory'.  We've followed GerryLollyKirsty and Jackie on their adventures but now there's only Freddie left.  What surprises wait in store for him?  Read on...


  1. Quite a parody send-up of "Charlie And the Chocolate Factory ". Wasn't Slug-worth Willie Wonka's nemesis in the movie ? Hey here's an idea, some of his Cumpa-Dumpa candy has higher estrogen levels than normally found in males. Some susceptible to eat it and slowly become girls, who join Slug-worth's staff ; after their families reject them. What do you think ? Worth a caption maybe ?

  2. Absolutely amazing series. I have always enjoyed your work, so artsy and amazing, but this one takes the cake...i mean candy. Thank you so much and stay beautiful!

  3. Thanks a lot for the kind comments. I've got a stack of material that I didn't get to use for the 'Chocolate Factory' series so further story ideas are welcome.

    Both Slugworth and Prodnose were rivals to Willy Wonka in the book and I think there's still a few tales left to tell about them.

    1. I wouldn't mind submitting a few ideas. If you wanted to send a few of those my way I could give it a shot. Wouldn't come close to your work or style though, you have your stuff on lock.

  4. I'm a bit late, but after reading this I wanted to make sure to tell you that this is a wonderful and sexy caption series. Thanks for making it.

  5. Thanks for the praise Femslut21,

    It took most of two months to get it all written but I'm quite proud that it all hangs together, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.