Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bound to Fail

This caption has been dedicated by Smitty, of Smitty's TG Captions fame, who did a great caption for me on his blog, and whose style was a strong influence on my Super Sissy series.  It's intended to be in the style of and I hope this homage does him justice.


  1. First off let me say how proud it makes me to hear I was an influence on the Super Sissy series. Because I've always loved that series and thought it was a great example of how to make an ongoing storyline engaging.

    As for this series, the homage not only does me justice, it makes me wish I had done it. It's got so many of my favorite elements all leading to a squirmtastic conclusion.

    I love the premise of the spell set up in this one and how it created tension and I love how he defeated himself with his own fears.

    I loved the inner dialogue and the condescending way he treated his split personality and they way the text boxes cut each other off to show who's thoughts are being pushed to the background.

    I love the way you keep the action and thoughts all in the present but work in the events of the past year to add to that sense of frustration.

    And I love that it's got both an unhappy ending and a happy ending, depending on which personality you ask. Surrendering only to have the very thing you surrendered to taken away from you is such a cruel fate, but its nice to see Hawnee can get off vicariously.

    I like doing mean endings, but even I feel guilty sometimes when I punish the innocent alternate personality. All they want to do is make people happy after all.

    So as you can probably tell, I really liked this series and it was a wonderful surprise as well as extremely flattering. Thanks again and again.

  2. Very impressive. One of the better series I've seen!

  3. I'm glad you liked the way that this turned out. I've always been impressed by the way that Smitty's caps use the internal monologues/dialogues of their characters to maximise their effect and I loved trying it out here.