Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Road to Wellbeing


  1. Hii..
    I so love this pics,,pleas tell me where u did find them..
    I want more of them..
    And i love u work..its so sexy.. :)


  2. Hi putte,

    Thanks for asking I've hunted down a source for the full set of pictures. You can find them at

    The main model is Ester Canada's, pictured by my favourite photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

    This seems to have been a massive oversight on my part as there are pictures I haven't used that are a lot sexier than the ones I have, so I may have to revisit this scenario in a big way for a new set of captions.

    I'm glad you like my work and thank you once again for getting me to have another look.

  3. aww..thank you for the link...i love those lipps and so sexy..maby a transformation..