Wednesday, 6 April 2011

For Emily

Although this story is called 'For Emily' it is actually dedicated to Mistress Simone and Danyelle TS in FL.  A few months ago I posted a caption called 'Straight-Jacket' which they suggested could be part of a longer story.  I have mulled over the idea and produced this expanded version which I hope you will enjoy.


  1. First, I'm honored for the dedication.

    Second, the story is magnificent. It's well told and excellently paced. I read the first two parts and was quite taken with it, ready to see more. . yet the Sucker Punch-inspired twist was handed beautifully. It elevated the whole caption set and what's more you've made something more satisfying than the original movie that inspired the story.

    well done.

  2. I too am honored that you would dedicate this to me. The story was wonderful I loved it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Absolutely excellent piece of story telling Samantha! Such a deliciously dark story and wonderful pictures to make it come to life. Great job on this one. I loved it.