Sunday, 20 February 2011



It's exactly a year since I posted my first caption, so I thought I'd mark the occasion by posting another one.   In the past twelve months I've posted, irregularly, 365 captions and I hope to keep up the same rate for my second year.


  1. Congrats of your on year. I hope you'll be putting more boys in panties and heels in the next year. You are easily one of my favorite caption artists and I always look forward to your work.

  2. Just lovely ... congrats!!!!

  3. Congratulations! You are by far my favorite caption artist. Love your picture choices and the
    great stories you create to go with them. Hope to see many more in the coming year.
    The Knight

  4. Congrats on the anniversary!!

    I always look forward to an update from you, and I am never disappointed. Here is to a great second year and many more to come!